Before I Go To Sleep – Reviewed

Written by S. J. Watson and reviewed by Alex Sabo

When I heard about this book I thought, here we go, it’s another 50 First Dates, a romantic comedy with very little to offer the reader beyond a few laughs and a couple of awws. But it wasn’t long before i realised this wasn’t just a simple template story.

Every day Christine wakes up not knowing where she is. Her memories disappear every time she falls asleep. Her husband, Ben, is a stranger to her, and he’s obligated to explain their life together on a daily basis–all the result of a mysterious accident that made Christine an amnesiac.

Before I Go To Sleep

This book is a thriller filled with intense moments of suspense. Every word could be questioned and makes the reader ask if this is actually real, did this happen or did Chris imagine it. She wants to run from herself, from her new reality. The reality she has to learn about every morning when she wakes up next to this stranger that calls himself Ben and claims to be her husband.

Most thrillers make the reader want to scream at the character on the page. Saying things like don’t go there, don’t do that, it’s him run! S.J. Watson managed to write a book where everyone involved has no idea what’s happening, or what will happen. And up until the very last chapters you don’t know what has happened. But it’s too late. All the signs have been right there in your face, but just like Christine you failed to see it. And you both feel the same way, lost and alone.

Like any novel this one has it’s faults as well. For example, in Christine’s diary there is no mention of charging her cell phones. The last memory she remembers was in her twenties where there were no mobile phones. And the story line goes on a span of a couple of weeks. And she is using her cell phone on a daily basis. This is just a trivial thing of course. There were more loop holes here and there, but I found this one to be the most interesting, or really the most irritating to me.

This book is the author’s first published novel. It is on the whole very well written and produced. It has already been picked up by Hollywood and is in production as a movie. Big name actors have been cast such as Mark Strong, Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. We can expect this thriller on the big screen sometime in 2014. I myself am looking forward to it!

If you want to get a copy you can head over to Amazon and pick up a copy. Click Here! I strongly recommend this novel if you fancy a good thriller.


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