Pieces the Merely Mortal Series, Book .1

Written by Faye Hollidaye and reviewed by Gary Khodna.

I found this to be a generally interesting story, set in the overlap between the physical, and meta-physical worlds. At times it was gripping, and at others a little pedestrian. I thought it was well written, and used language in a creative way.

The premise is that of a love story, and features obsessive emotion, violence, and helplessness. The tale is wrought through several parallel pieces, having interlocking characters. When this technique works for the writer, it works well. When it does not work so well, it becomes a distraction, and a drain on the story.

There is a degree of mystery, for the reader, in trying to fathom where the different strands meet, and belong. Various clues are given, to provide pieces, as in a jigsaw. There were one or two loose ends which were not tied up, but within a fragmented story, maybe that is to be expected.

My own perception, was more of a broken mirror, in whose shards pieces of the story were visible. The author did set out something of a manifesto, in terms of spiritual belief, that did not integrate well to the narrative. This section gave the impression of a stand alone piece, and seemed more of an editorial inclusion.

I have avoided giving away too much of the story, in order to preserve some mystery for potential readers. It would make a nice piece of light reading, and has the potential to develop into something more substantial. Some descriptions were overdone, and overall, the book would benefit from a little tidying.


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