Control Freak Reviewed

Control Freak

Written  by Brian Smith and reviewed by Jamie Hall

On the face of it you would be forgiven for thinking that Control Freak is your standard self-help book that will have maybe a few good points but the majority of its content will end up as white-noise in the back of your mind never to make itself useful in your everyday life. You would be forgiven but you would also be wrong. Very wrong.For one thing Control Freak is a brilliantly written book which is both insightful and funny, an important point considering the dryness of some of the topics Brian attempts to not only address but also solve.

Sure the book is aimed at people in a position of power within a workplace, whether they be a Supervisor, Manager or even a CEO but Brian has some great insights that anyone, no matter what position they work in, can utilize and employ.

Brian has some terrific insights into the world of popular psychology and can help anyone improve their leadership abilities.

I know i have taken a good deal of information away from his book and i have already been employing them as someone who runs a few websites on the internet but there is so much more to this than what i can bring out of it.With some great quotes to really put some punch behind his points Brian has managed to create a great script here for just how to make the most of not only the people who work for you but also how to get the best out of yourself. If you have your own company, or even if you just think that one day you may find yourself in a supervisory role then this is the book for you.

And even if you don’t see yourself taking on that sort of role i would still suggest reading Control Freak simply because it has some great psychological points all backed up with some great wit and humour delivered in one of the most sublime ways i have ever had the pleasure to read in a self-help book.

I thank Brian for his work and i look forward to reading what he produces in the future.


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