Zombies Evolved – Review

Written by Derick Campbell and reviewed by Jessica Libby

You can grab your own copy of Zombies Evolved from Amazon.

Officially, I give this book 3 stars. It had a mix of academia, plot and action.

First, I’ll adress the academia. Chapter one is entirely backstory, which I am not used to. It read like a college textbook and was difficult to get through. However, it was helpful and set up (to a degree) the various zombie level information points in the rest of the story. At several spots along the way, I gave pause to consider what I had read in the first chapter to see if it was consistent – most of it was. For example, Dana, the Zombie cop, is stated as being a level five. However, according to the parameters outlined in chapter one, she would be considerably higher. This is augmented by a conversation between Rob, Dana’s human partner, and Dr. Zachman.

The plot is believable. Dr. Zachman, in an attempt to find a solution to blood clot-related deaths, accidentally creates a race of zombies, which becomes pandemic via exposure. He is then charged with developing a vacine and categorizing zombies based on brain function, emotion, strength and interactions with humans. Zachman partners with Rob’s father, Dan, to develop a human-zombies relations program that becomes integrated with law enforcement. Dana becomes Rob’s partner and the pair learn the big secret involving Dan. There’s two cases of triple agency, but I won’t spoil that for readers.

Action is relatively constant. There are periods of stillness, but they are needed. I liked the breaks from Rob being the main character in a given chapter or scene. Combine that with Campbell’s descriptiveness and the story felt like a movie. A bonus, in my opinion. And the action itself was authentic. There were no complicated battles or overly explained movements. It was boom-boom-boom, done. Fast-paced action scenes are a positive. They draw the reader in quickly and let them out slow.

Perhaps taking pieces of chapter one and sprinkling the information throughout the story, where applicable, would be beneficial. Or a gradual shift in writing style in chapter one would reduce the academic feel of it and have a smoother lead-in for chapter two. The difference in style – academic versus creativity – between the first two chapters is rather abrupt.

Overall, I enjoyed Zombies Evolved. It was a different take on the traditional zombie theme.

What did you think about Zombies Evolved? Let us know in the comments bellow!

Reviewed by: Jessica Libby


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